DC All Access Loses Jason Inman As Co-Host

by Joshua Raynor
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Early yesterday, Jason Inman, the co-host of DC All Access for the last three years, officially announced that he will no longer be on the show.

Inman put out a video explaining his departure on his personal YouTube channel and tweeted it out, saying “What’s next? Well, that’s completely up to all of you.”

Inman began every DC fan’s dream after being selected during a nationwide search for a new co-host.  He was announced in January of 2015 and joined Tiffany Smith on DC All Access.

But this isn’t the end for Jason Inman.  He’s currently a podcaster over at Geek History Lesson, an occasional guest panelist on Collider Heroes, the current Innergeekdom Champion of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, and is writing his own comic book, Jupiter Jet, alongside his wife Ashley V. Robinson.

Jason also runs an annual comic book drive for people in the military called The Jawiin Comic Drive For Soldiers.  As a veteran himself, this is a cause dear to his heart, and is something everyone should participate in.

So, be sure to follow Jason on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to see what awesome thing he does next!

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