Zack Snyder Reveals Watchmen Easter Egg In Justice League

We all know that Zach Snyder is a fan of both Watchmen and Justice League, after all he directed both films. To promote the up coming release of Justice League on Blu-ray, Snyder posted a pic to his Vero account.

The pic is from a deleted scene, but clearly shows Barry Allen wearing a Black Freighter shirt. Black Freighter is the comic within a comic from Allen Moore’s masterpiece, Watchmen. It never made it into the 2009 Watchmen film, but there was a 30 min animated version that was released on DVD and with the Ultimate cut.

As to why the scene where Barry wears the shirt was cut from Justice League? Unknown. Maybe Whedon didn’t like it. Check out Zack Snyder’s post below!


Justice League hits shelves on March 13, 2018.