‘Suicide Squad 2’ May Start Filming In October

by Shean Mohammed
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Despite the loud disappointment from critics and fans alike about the first Suicide Squad film, Warner Bros. is moving forward with a sequel. According to a report, they may actually start filming in October, and this time they will be shooting in the UK, as WB has a major studio there where it looks also to film Wonder Woman 2, located in Leavesden, England.

The late start may be tied to the fact that Will Smith will be shooting Gemini Man until late July and Margot Robbie is shooting Once Upon A Time In Hollywood through the end of summer. I, like many fans, had hoped the myriad of movies that were rumored, like the villain team up Gotham City Sirens, would have seen the light of the day before this sequel. DC fans are hoping Gavin O’Connor will bring some of the flair from the comics to the big screen, in ways the first movie could not.

Suicide Squad 2 doesn’t have a set release date, but is eyeing 2019 to open.

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