Gotham Promo launched ‘Who is the Joker’

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You’ve all been waiting for it, and now it is going to happen! The Joker will make his debut on the DC hit show, Gotham. The promo for next week’s instalment is called “A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting,” but there was something different about this one. The Joker is here, he is alive! The trailer has the details just below.

The promo only lasts for 30 seconds, but it is set around a robbery in Gotham City with a host of villains in Jerome, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, and others. With the question being surfaced on the screen in the promo asking fans “Who Is The Joker?”, eluding to the fact that the person behind the makeup is a mystery no one knows. More will follow next week.

Now, don’t get confused because Jerome isn’t the clown prince which tells us that there will be a new character hitting the screen! We can’t wait!

Let us know what you think of season 4 so far!

Damian Fasciani

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