Review: Batman Beyond #18

by Derek McNeil
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artists: Phil Hester, Ande Parks

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



“The Long Payback” part five! Payback’s vengeance against Batman is almost at hand, but the Dark Knight’s allies won’t let him perish without a fight. When help does arrive, will Payback decide that killing those closest to Batman is the sweetest revenge?



In this issue, Terry McGinnis’ brother Matt finally takes on the mantle of Robin. This isn’t exactly a surprise, as Jurgens has been foreshadowing this for several issues. It’s been stated numerous times in Batman’s history that Batman needs a Robin, and now DC is extending this to Bruce’s successor.

But how will Bruce and Terry react to this development? Bruce seems to accede to Matt’s decision relatively easily. Likely because he has been through this situation several times before. Plus, the story makes it pretty clear that Bruce himself is physically incapable of helping Terry himself, so Matt is Terry’s only hope.

We will have to wait until next issue to see Terry’s reaction, but I suspect that he won’t be too pleased about it. After losing both parents, Terry has taken on a parental role in his brother’s life and won’t appreciate putting Matt in danger. Hopefully, Terry will come to accept this as well.



We only see Matt’s Robin costume in the last panel – well maybe. It’s unclear whether grey hoodie is part of the costume, or is covering up most of the costume, saving the full reveal for next issue. I hope that this is the case, as the hoodie gives Matt a very generic and lame look. It’s more like something any kid might wear as regular clothes with the addition of a domino mask. I will reserve judgement until we get a clear look at his outfit next issue.



I’ve really been enjoying the Rebirth version of the title but I have long felt that the one thing missing from the Batman Beyond mythos was a Robin, and Matt was the obvious choice. I hope that this sticks, and that Matt is allowed to continue his career as the Robin of the future.



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