Review: Mystik U #3 (FINAL ISSUE)

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Alisa Kwitney

Artist: Michael Norton



It’s time for finals at Mystik University, and they might just kill you! With the evil presence of the Malevolence spreading quickly across the campus, Zatanna and her friends must face tests of courage and wit beyond their wildest dreams. Do they have what it takes to stop this evil spirit? Or is school out forever?!


In the first few panels, we get to see what Rose is seeing in her trance – a nightmarish world which is overrun by zombies. This is one of the few times this book feels more like a horror movie than anything connected to the larger DC Universe. The reader also gets to see Faust’s magical powers at work, which has put Zatanna at a disadvantage. This is where prequels like this are interesting, as readers know what will happen in the future, but it’s still thrilling to see it unravel.

We also get a fun dinner scene where each of the teachers at Mystik U talk about the students and the evil spirit wreaking havoc throughout the school.  This definitely feels like a scenario that would be in one of the Harry Potter movies. Lastly, the tests that Zatanna and her friends go through are definitely something that you would see on The Magicians rather than Harry Potter, as it has quite an eerie feel, more devious and evil spirited.


None, as this creative team touches on everything people like about these types of stories and makes it their own.




Buy, as this book is part mystery, part suspense, part horror and all very well done.



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