DC ALL ACCESS Goes METAL on Scott Snyder!

by JC Alvarez
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The Finale to Scott Snyder’s epic Dark Nights: Metal has opened up the multiverse to all-new possibilities as revealed by the writer himself in this exclusive interview with DC ALL ACCESS!

Promised to have some irrevocable consequences that would shake the very foundations of the DC Comics multiverse, Scott Snyder the mad genius behind Dark Nights: Metal has finally concluded the epic event and opened up the endless possibilities spilling all the latest to DC All Access. The 6-issue event was forged in the depths of the Dark Multiverse, the literal flip-side of the known Multiverse, ruled by the evil elemental force known as Barbatos who is determined to pull our heroes and the Earth down into his dark realm.

Snyder revealed that both he and his creative partner Greg Capullo always wanted Metal as a gift to the fans and would feature some very exciting moments,  including some significant revelations that included the proper return of Hawkman and Plastic Man, asl well as the introduction of the New Age of Heroes. In the interview Snyder also gave some important insight into what’s next on the horizon especially for the Justice League! With the limitless possibilities now available to them, Snyder has insured that anything can happen in the new DC Multiverse…and it will!

Check out the episode of DC All Access here featuring Scott Snyder on the floor of WonderCon 2018.

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