Snyder Confirms Flash From BvS Is From Knightmare Timeline

by Joshua Raynor
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Two years ago, Warner Bros. released the highly anticipated DC film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Now, even though this film was very divisive, both with critics and audiences, you can’t deny that Snyder put some interesting elements into the film.  One in particular was the “Knightmare” sequence.

For those unfamiliar with the name, the “Knightmare” sequence is the dream/vision that Bruce has where Lois is dead and Superman goes dark.  In this scene, Batman, decked out in a sick looking trench coat, has to fight off Superman’s goons and a hoard of Parademons, of which you get to see more of in Justice League.

However, the more intriguing part is what happens after.  Bruce wakes up and a masked man in red appears out of nowhere, warning Bruce of the future.  This man was, of course, The Flash.

Now, there has been so many speculations about which Flash this was, and where he was from, but we can now lay all that speculation to rest as the director Zack Snyder has officially confirmed that this Flash hailed from that very “Knightmare” timeline that we saw.

This makes total sense to me, but unfortunately, went over the heads of many casual fans.  Though it’s nice to finally have confirmation.  Snyder has been dropping insider knowledge a lot over the last couple months, painting a really cool picture of a universe that will never be.  Maybe one day, Snyder will release a tell all book or something, detailing all of his plans for the DCEU.  I know I’d check that out.

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