[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Pencils: Paul Pelletier



Thanks to the efforts of The Brain, the entire Earth is suffering through a series of mass disasters and cataclysmic storms the Justice League are struggling to handle. As Batman attempts to coordinate an already stretched thin team across the globe, Donna Troy attempts to tell Batman that she may know the source of the attacks! Can Donna actually save us all?


Abnett really lays it all on the table in this issue and I enjoyed every page of it! The Brain really isn’t one of favorite villains, but he shines pretty well in this issue. Thanks to a mysterious drug that’s been distributed, it’s users have found their minds to be coordinated on The Brain under what he calls a “cloud”. With most of the minds of the world coming under sway the Earth’s weather is going out of control. Batman sends the League to different places to combat the threat but The Brain is seemingly steps ahead, already knowing what Leaguer is where as he attempts to kill them using his mind control over the weather.



I have no complaints about this issue. Abnett gives us nothing but action in this issue, and we even catch up with Roy Harper from the previous book. Cheshire and her men are beating Roy something bloody, and I personally thought that he was near death! Donna Troy’s appearance literally saves the hero’s life as he jumps up and continues to the good fight alongside his teammate and romantic interest. It seems that Roy Harper was on to something as the drugs he were pursuing and the increasing power of The Brain are linked, and by the end of the issue we find Donna Troy and a barely standing Roy preparing to infiltrate The Brain’s hideout without the rest of the team!



Overall I loved this issue! It seems the League has some things to learn from the Titans, as no one on the team–especially Batman attempted to even listen to Donna Troy’s warnings. I’m hoping that there’s some type of follow up about this in a later issue, as it seems that although the Titans are all adults–the League still treats them like children or sidekicks as opposed to them being equals. Abnett leaves us off on a cliffhanger as it seems that Roy and Donna are battling the drones of The Brain alone. With the rest of League stretched out around the planet if things go wrong with Donna and Roy’s mission, just who will rescue them?



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