Official ‘Save The Date’ Card For Bruce and Selina Is Here!

by Shaina Lucas
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We have been waiting decades for this moment. Bruce and Selina are FINALLY tying the knot and together as they always should be. Hmm…wonder how she feels about Damian…but that’s beside the point!

Batman and Catwoman’s official wedding is coming in July, and DC took a pretty creative way to announce the issues to the lead up to the big event. DC has revealed an official “Save The Date” card for all to see, and we’re glad we’re invited! The card has a checklist of key issues that relate to the big day.

You can check out the cards below, and we even have a printable PDF version!

We’ll certainly be keeping this with us as every issue is released. Or…you can always wait for the graphic novel collection to be released but who wants to wait that long?

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