Henry Cavill Is “Hoping” He Will Get To Play Superman again Soon

by Kimberly Melchor
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Henry Cavill was in Las Vegast for Cinemacon recently, and here is what he said about when he might be playing Superman again:

I can’t answer that definitively right now, I’m hoping sooner rather than later. I’ve been talking to certain people and hopefully we’re going to be talking to other people who are responsible for making those calls. We shall see.

Last year we had heard that director Matthew Vaughn was talking to Warner Bros. about Man of Steel 2, but there haven’t been any solid updates since then. Hopefully we will get some news soon concerning Henry Cavill’s next Superman movie.

While promoting Justice League last year, Henry Cavill said that he had one more movie left on his Superman contract. According to Collider, Cavill has been in negotiations with Warner Bros. about extending his Superman contract beyond the one movie he has left.

The plan is to make Superman the “glue” that connects all of the DCEU movies together.  The hope is that Superman will make “small, but memorable, appearances” in the movies, much like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury has done in the Marvel movies. Collider notes that while they heard this from “very reliable sources”, they haven’t been able to get 100% confirmation, so we’ll label this as a rumor for now.

Cavill is also rumored to be making a cameo as Superman in Shazam next April. He and Shazam star Zachary Levi appear to be getting very close on social media, which is only adding fuel to those rumors. Who knows, maybe he could even make a surprise cameo in the Aquaman credits later this year too.

What do you make of this? Would you like to see Cavill’s Superman be the “glue” that connects the DCEU together going forward? Let me know in the comments

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