Popular ‘Arrow’ Actor Not Returning For Season 7

Straight from EW, we have learned that a major Arrow character is leaving the show. For many viewers, this has come as devastating news. Others, however, may rejoice if they didn’t particularly like the character. Paul Blackthorne, who plays Mayor Quentin Lance, will not be returning for Season 7 of the show. Details of how the character will be written off the show have been kept under-wraps.

Lance has been an original character since the pilot and has undergone quite a transformation over the course of six seasons. Quentin is the father of presumed-dead Sara Lance, and he has held a grudge against Oliver for getting her killed on the Queen’s Gambit. He also despised Oliver’s alter-ego The Hood at first but started to warm up after working in tandem with the Emerald Archer. Lance eventually discovered Oliver Queen and Green Arrow were one in the same.

Even after succumbing to alcoholism and losing both of his daughters Laurel and Sara, Quentin still went on to become the Deputy Mayor of Star City.

Blackthorne’s exit of the show comes after the announcement of Holland leaving back in March.

Arrow was renewed for a 7th season, and typically at the end of 6th seasons, the actor’s contracts are up. So this is nothing new to the business of the small screen.


Shaina Lucas

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