Review: Harley Loves Joker #1

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Paul Dini

Artist: Bret Blevins



Paul Dini returns to the character he co-created to deliver the incredible two-issue wrap-up of the “Harley Loves Joker” flashback tale that ran as a backup in HARLEY QUINN last year! As far as The Joker’s concerned, the new headquarters Harley built for them is absolutely perfect…but only she knows the whole place is rigged to come crashing down around them—and she doesn’t know how to stop it!


In the first few pages, Harley Quinn, through her inner monologue, gives the reader all the background we would need for this two-issue miniseries, but what makes it good is how hilarious she is in it. Dini offers us insight while remembering just how funny the character is. The banter between Harley and the Joker is exactly what you expected from a book about these two, offering readers the highs and lows from such an insane duo. The art by Blevins is striking, as it appeals to the reader on a relatable human level as well as on an aesthetic one, as it will appeal to the average comics reader as well as the average art lover.

This book also gives Harley a villain that gives her a run for her money in the Grison, a cat burglar who is just as feisty as Harley but even more cunning, and who has a nice long history with Harley, which has never appeared in the books until now. Lastly, the fact that they don’t mention Batman once in these pages shows a commitment by Dini to give the reader a totally self contained story.


There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Buy, as this book gives an up close and personal look at the Joker, but especially at Harley Quinn, as we get a more expansive backstory of  the character, who has became a pop culture icon .


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