‘Lucifer’ Cancelled After Only 3 Seasons

by Joshua Raynor
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Among FOX’s purge of some of their long-running series, the DC/Vertigo adaptation Lucifer was officially cut loose.

After 3 seasons, the fan favorite series is coming to an end, and may not get a satisfying ending, as the finale airs tonight, just days after the cancellation was announced.

Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character in the series, posted a “thank you” to his fans on Twitter as the news broke.

As Ellis says, there were rumors that it wouldn’t return, so perhaps the people involved were given enough time to do a wrap up for the final episode.  We’ll find out later tonight.

However, hope may not be completely lost.  There’s always a chance that the series could get picked up and saved by DC’s own upcoming streaming service, DC Universe.  This would be a great incentive for fans of the series looking for some closure (if it does indeed end on a cliffhanger).

Be sure to check out the finale of Lucifer on FOX.

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