Revew: Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye #3

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jon Rivera

Artist: Michael Avon Oeming

Colorist: Nick FIlardi



Cave is going into the head of Zot, the Lazer Monk to try and gain a new understanding of the Lazer Monk’s animosity with the Nejire.  As he learns their history, the rest of team Carson is facing an attack by the Nejire.  Cave learns there’s a creature living in Zot’s brain that feeds off endorphins and the like, usually produced by defeating a Nejire.  Cave also senses a piece of something else in Zot- a piece of Starr.

Cave and Bartow come to the conclusion that only a focused attack by both Lazer Monks and Nejire can defeat the malevolent creatures inside Zot and the cave.  Cave gets the two factions to come together and attack the creatures.  They are successful and Cave has brokered an alliance between the two groups.  Cave then heads off to a new adventure with Chloe and Dr. Bartow, but not without the lingering suggestion that we haven’t seen the last of Starr’s influence on Cave or this series.


Cave’s influence continues to expand as he is now an intergalactic peacemaker.  Cave’s eye can do a lot and it is interesting and exciting to imagine what it might do next.  There’s a few humorous lines in this issue that keep the tenor light despite the dire consequences of failure suggested.

Bringing the Lazer Monks and the Nejire together is not only surprising but uplifting.  Seeing Zot go on mate with his Nejire counterpart is wonderfully hopeful thematic element.


The pacing seems a bit off on this series so far.  Issues #1 and #3 were difficult to get into, whereas issue #2 felt more familiar and accessible.  Going back and rereading #2 and #3 brought the whole arc together. This may be an arc designed more for trade reading.

Normally, one of the highlights in this series is seeing how Cave and Chloe interact and grow as father and daughter.  This was really strong last issue, but was only touched upon in #3.  The rereading pulled this together in a more satisfying fashion than reading the issues a month apart.


So far, Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye has been up and down.  For the most part it seems the pacing is just not there, yet.  There’s not enough of the good stuff in each issue and the down issue have been either awkward or slightly inaccessible.  That means #4 should see an upswing again.  The saving grace is that when it’s all said and done this arc should read quite well in collected form.


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