Krypton Officially Renewed For Season 2

Krypton SYFY - DC Comics News

When the season 1 finale of Krypton premiered, SYFY announced that the Superman prequel series had officially been renewed for a second season. The news isn’t really a surprise since the series has pulled in good ratings for the cable channel, becoming “the most-watched season for any scripted series on the network since Defiance in 2015.”  The series has also mostly been well received by critics, as it was able to throw in a twist with a time travel element that introduced high stakes, normally absent from such stories.

It also probably didn’t hurt that Krypton gave viewers the opportunity to see certain DC Comics characters in a new way. Even though the series focuses on Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, and his fight to save his world from not only alien invaders, but also individuals who may one day lead Krypton to its doom, it has also introduced the likes of Adam Strange, Zod, Brainiac, and Doomsday. The result has been a surprisingly well made first season that has a lot to offer DC fans.

The show has a lot of offer on the villain side of things as well, with Former Arrow co-star Colin Salmon coming in as a time-traveling Zod and Blake Ritson showing his take on Brainiac. The series has actually managed to make compelling characters out of both villains, playing up their importance to the future Man of Steel’s storyline while allowing them a chance to make a name for themselves in the past.

The series’ renewal is likely welcome news for fans who’ve become invested in Krypton over the first season, but may have been hesitant to get too attached, especially after the disappointing news that SYFY had canceled The Expanse after three seasons. Though it looks like the space-faring series has found new life at Amazon, SYFY is ready to move on with more comic book adaptations like Krypton and a second season for Happy!, as well as the upcoming Deadly Class, which not only adapts the comic of the same name from Rick Remender, but is executive produced by the Russo brothers, who directed a film you may have heard about: Avengers: Infinity War. 

Things are looking pretty good for SYFY at the moment, and it looks like Krypton season 2 will do just fine.