[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua WIlliamson

Artist: Francis Manapul

Colors: Hi-Fi



The Omega Titans are headed to Earth to feed! Entropy reigns supreme this time with Earth being the chaotic place that it is.  Brainiac 2.0 has decided to embrace his DNA and accelerate Earth’s demise.  Can the Justice League save the multiverse from the disaster they created?  Will Amanda Waller mess things up yet again?


I was having some doubts after last issue, but this spectacular issue was able to conclude the miniseries and put all of my doubts to rest.  I am glad to have Francis Manapul back as the artist because each panel was absolutely stunning to look at.  The purple tint was still there in some scenes, but only where it was necessary, while in other scenes, the colors were some of the most vibrant that i have ever scene.  In terms of color, I can say without a doubt that this miniseries had these best art I have ever scene.

The pacing was also surprisingly well done for what this miniseries was.  If you take a step back and look at the situation, the Omega Titans were just your cliche big scary villain, and this was a problem that should have taken more than four issues to solve.  That being said, this ending did not feel rushed, and the plan they came up with was intelligent and satisfying.

Part of the reason I was satisfied, however, was because of how much has now been set up for the DCU.  Lex Luthor no longer understands who he is or wants to be.  Wonder Woman needs answers.  Hundreds of new planets have been released into the multiverse.  Where did Brainiac 2.0 go?  Are the Outsiders returning?  What was the box that Martian Manhunter gave to Green Arrow.  I am excited for all of these questions to be explored as DC comics just keeps getting better.

Finally, I am going to highlight some of the amazing character moments that existed in this comic.  The Teen Titans animated series made me a fan of Raven, and since Rebirth, I have not felt the same connection to Raven as I did in that show until this issue.  The emotion she felt after Starro’s passing was portrayed so well that I felt it too.  The chaos in the eyes of Amanda Waller was portrayed just as well in this issue as in any issue in Suicide Squad.  The uncertainty that Lex Luthor felt for the first time was captivating.  Finally, as a die-hard Martian Manhunter fan, the authority that he commands in this issue is the reason that I am a fan.  It is so rare that this character is done right and to see him display the wisdom I have always known he had while leading an ensemble unlike any other was a dream come true.


There really were none.  This issue did everything it needed to do.  No lines from Lobo was a shame, but I am willing to overlook it this one time.



This is as close to a perfect comic book as I have ever seen.  It is entertaining in its own right while promising so many entertaining stories to come.


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