Zack Snyder Will Stay On As Producer For Wonder Woman 2

After the less than stellar box office performance of Justice League in theaters, many fans wondered if DC Films would make a change with regards to Zack Snyder’s involvement in the DCEU. In a recent tweet meant to clarify things, Snyder confirmed that he is still a producer on Wonder Woman 2.

A fan on Vero asked Snyder if he was still involved in the production of Wonder Woman 2 – to which Snyder stated rather simply, “Oh yes”. However, that short answer doesn’t really let anybody know just how involved Snyder will be with the movie’s production.

For the first movie, Snyder is credited as a producer and was a huge influence on the movie for the most part. It was Snyder himself who championed for Gal Gadot to get the role of Wonder Woman despite studio objections. Snyder went on to co-write the screenplay with fellow writer Allen Heinburg and Jason Fuchs.

There are some among the DC faithful who love Snyder’s approach to storytelling but then again there are others who would love to see Snyder hand over the reigns to someone else. Another question to keep in mind throughout all this is just how much input will Snyder have over a film that has Patty Jenkins, the film’s director, in more stronger position than the first movie. It’s safe to say that most fans would rather see Jenkins vision for the Amazon Princess fleshed out completely rather than seeing anybody else’s vision – including Snyder’s.

Joseph Marcas

Joseph is a contributor to DC Comics News and hopes to someday become a superhero. He enjoys writing, politics, and everything between ballet and monster truck rallies.