“Watchmen” HBO Series Set Photos Have Been Revealed

Photos from the set of HBO’s series adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen reveal subtle plot details about the direction of this take on the Eisner-Award winning saga.

Watchmen takes place in a fictional 1980s Cold War setting in which the superheroes’ involvement in the Vietnam War prevented Nixon’s impeachment, but the hostile climate surrounding their existence, and a conspiracy that arises in the death of one of their own, push the world towards nuclear war. Zac Snyder’s cinematic take on the property in 2006 earned him the trust of DC Entertainment to direct Man of Steel.

However, unlike the film, Damon Lindelof – the creative mind behind Lost – is preparing a “remixed” version of the story as opposed to a direct adaptation. Stars already attached to the project include Adelaide Clemens, Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, and Jamel Chambers. In one of the photos released, Don Johnson of Miami Vice has a cameo as a police officer. Whether or not he is a significant character is not known at the moment.

Photos released from the production location in Macon, Georgia – designed to resemble Tulsa, Oklahoma – depict a bus stop displaying a TV ad entitled “American Hero Story: Minutemen.” The Minutemen in Moore’s story were the precursor to The Watchmen, with members Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian carrying over to the second team. This poster indicates a possible segment that would lead to flashbacks about the first failed team. Storefronts have also been revealed for the series, with names like “Treasure Island,” “Milk and Hanoi Bakery,” and “Millenium.”

No air date has been set for the series so far. You can view the link for the set photos here.



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