First Geoff Johns left DC, now his Green Lantern: Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth co-creator Ethan Van Sciver has decided to leave DC as well.  Sciver says he has nothing against DC and loved working with them, but he felt that if he wanted to continue speaking his mind and making videos for his YouTube channel, that it was time to move on.  Being an outspoken conservative has caused some strife for him in the industry since Trump took office and many people, out of ignorance, have wrongfully mislabeled Sciver as a white supremacist or Nazi.

When one twitter follower asked if he planned on ever returning to DC, Sciver replied:

Maybe one day, but I want to do CYBERFROG for the next couple of years at least. I want to own something I create. DC is great, was good to me, and I had a good time there, but it’s time to try to get rich. 🙂

After 14 years working for the publisher, Sciver has instead decided to revive his creator-owned series Cyberfrog.  He recently launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to get his title going and it quickly jumped up to $197,000. Sciver plans for Cyberfrog to be published as a four part, 48 page prestige format series that he will write and draw.

Cyberfrog - DC Comics News

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