Gail Simone and Jim Lee Almost Relaunched Popular Long-Awaited Team-Up Comic

by Kevin Sharp
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Ever since the launch of the New 52, fans have wondered about the status of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Now, thanks to Gail Simone, we’ve learned that the team almost got a relaunch helmed by her and artist Jim Lee.

Simone tweeted:

She went on to describe a pitch meeting between her and Lee at a party during New York Comic Con:

“I ask him what the project is, and he says Legion of Superheroes. I could have died. I love the Legion. I think it’s DC’s sleeping giant. When I was a kid, I wanted a flight ring and a clubhouse SO BAD.”

“[Lee] had ideas, characters and themes, and my writer’s head was just trying to absorb the first one and he’d move on to the next one. I am literally just trying to soak up this information. All these amazing concepts, and they are all bound together with fantastic visual ideas. It was electrifying.”

Ultimately, due to the setting, Simone said she “was trying so hard to remember [the pitch]… AND I COULDN’T REMEMBER ANY OF IT.” Though she went on to recount certain details she does recall, since the project was never realized, Lee’s “big picture” pitch will have to remain a mystery.

Simone said her Legion of Super-Heroes belongs “in the graveyard of shipwrecks” at this point. Meanwhile, patient fans continue to await the return of the Legion as well as another long-missing team, the Justice Society of America.

You can read her Tweet thread about the party and the pitch HERE.

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