[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Daniel Sampere

Inks: Juan Albarran & Daniel Sampere

Colors: Rex Lokus



The greatest creative advantage with doing a book outside the main continuity of the DC Universe is the lack of limits.   Injustice 2 is such a book.  As long as there is a heavy focus on character, it’s easy to draw a reader in and pull for a villain, be it a traditional villain or a non-traditional villain.

The Red Lanterns have arrived.   Hal understands the threat that Atrocitus and his fellow Reds present.  He does his best to coach Soranik.  The Red Lanterns are after Sinestro.  Much to her distaste, Sinestro steps up to protect his daughter.  However, it is Hal that ends up saving them as he finds himself with a Red ring on his finger.  He channels his hate for himself to fend off the Red Lanterns and provide Soranik and Sinestro a means of escape.

Atrocitus is most impressed with Hal’s ability to wield a Red Ring and despite misgivings of the other Red Lanterns Atrocitus welcomes Hal to the Red Lantern Corps.  Unfortunately, Atrocitus’ goal is to destroy Oa and the Guardians!

Back on Earth, Conner Kent is troubled by his replacement heart.  Will the evil in Zod influence him?  Ma Kent tries to affirm his goodness while trying to explain what happened to Clark and why he went the other way.  Cassie arrives to discuss the  reformation of the Teen Titans and to ensure Conner’s confidence.


As a father, it doesn’t matter what your child thinks of you.  Sinestro attempting to protect Soranik is a highly emotional and humanizing moment.  For all the wrong that Sinestro has done throughout the universe, he still values the safety of his daughter.  Once a Green Lantern, there is always a glimmer of hope that Sinestro will find some sort of redemption.  Seeing him attempt to protect his daughter keeps that glimmer alive.

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While Hal may have erred massively in this iteration, it’s not hard to see the core of Hal’s character alive and well.  It’s not completely out of character for Hal to go too far…see Parallax…so, it makes sense for Hal to continue to try and save Soranik and Sinestro.  As a Red Lantern though….?

Guy Gardner’s commentary throughout as Hal’s conscience is truly genius.  He’s the least like Hal of all the Lanterns, but, there’s something Hal sees in Guy that reminds him of his own best self.  Perhaps, there’s a purity in Guy’s emotion.  No matter, it is entertaining and thought provoking.





This series continues to take an alternate view of the DC Universe, building and expanding into something unique and exciting.  With no limits, the creative team issue after issue present something emotionally engaging and intellectually thought provoking.  The conceit of this series is currently about redemption.  What is redemption?  What makes one evil- high concepts explored through a myriad of characters.



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