Rumormill: The Batman Movie May Not Be Set In The Current DCEU

by Joseph Marcas
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To say that the development of The Batman movie has been messy would be an understatement. The film has undergone script changes, director changes, delays, and now it appears that it will not feature Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader but rather it will have a young version Batman according to various sources.

One of the rumours that’s going around the ‘interwebs’ is that the next Batman movie won’t be set in the current DCEU but rather in the universe where Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie will take place. That movie is planned to be a Joker origin film with big names like Martin Scorsese attached as a producer. The movie would fall under the banner of DC Black or DC Dark but those names aren’t set in stone either.

We know that the Joker movie will begin shooting this fall with a relatively modest budget of $55 million dollars and will be set in the 1980’s. If a Batman movie features a young Batman, it is possible that the movie will also be set in the 1980’s and face Phoenix’s Joker in a seperate movie.

One of the reasons why this particular rumor is getting traction is because of the recent reports that highlight some of the changes that Walter Hamada, head of DC films, is making to the DCEU. The Hollywood Reporter had an article in which sources close to Hamada said, “ [Hamada] walked into a shitshow, and he’s trying to clean it up.”

You can read about some of the initial ‘clean up’ going on right now here but as for The Batman movie, that one seems like it going to take some time fix. A lot of the things coming out on The Batman are rumours right now but we will continue to keep an eye for any further developments.

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