Review: Man of Steel #5

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Adam Hughes, Jason Fabok (pp 8-11)

Colors: Adam Hughes, Alex Sinclair (pp 8-11)

Letters: Josh Reed



It’s all coming together in the penultimate issue of this miniseries!  Does Superman have what it takes to stop Rogol Zaar?  Will we find out who is behind the Metropolis fires?  Where is Lois Lane?  Will the answers just give me more questions?  Lets find out!


Another great issue from Bendis.  He has really been able to take readers inside Superman’s head in a way few writers have ever been able to.  Tomasi was able to give us a great sense of Earth-Superman, but Krypton is a huge part of who Superman is, and Bendis putting both parts of Superman’s life in jeopardy has allowed me to grasp the entire character.  Bendis is also having Superman truly question himself for the first time in a long time.  I hope that we continue to see a more introspective take from Superman for awhile as I am appreciating these more personal issues.  That being said, I want Superman to figure out the answers so that I can figure out the answers too!

If this miniseries proves one thing, its that Bendis has established the ethos he needs to take over Action Comics and Superman.  He can have a shot at whatever the hell he wants at this point.

The art by Jason Fabok and Alex Sinclair on pages 8-11 is really good as it has been the rest of this miniseries.  They should really be the established artists at this point as Superman’s expressions have rarely been drawn so well.  The tension between Superman, Jor-El, Lois, and Jonathan is made palpable only because of this art.


More than one artist in a comic is okay if the pages can flow nicely.  Adam Hughes does NOT flow with the Fabok and Sinclair.  Hughes’s shading is really nice at the beginning, I’ll give him that, but once Hughes returns on page 9, the art really bothers me, especially the way Supergirl and Fire Chief Moore are drawn.  An art change this drastic in the middle of the issue completely takes me out of what’s going on, and I hope this sort of thing does not carry over into the main series.

I took a step back to look at at everything that’s been established in this miniseries and I am left with a frustrating question.  Rogol Zaar is a great, truly evil villain.  I am invested in Clark’s frustration and determination to solve this problem.  I am invested in the mystery of where is Lois Lane.  Why should I care about Fire Chief Moore?  I truly do not know yet, but I hope to find out soon.



The positives are great and the negatives are things I can look past for the time being.  What matters write now is that Bendis is confirmed a good choice.

Ari Bard

I am currently a Sophomore at Case Western Reserve University studying mechanical engineering. I have been in love with DC since I saw the animated series and movies in the early 2000s. I started reading comics regularly at the start of Rebirth. My favorite character is Martian Manhunter.