Twitter Rumors Fly After Directorial Tweet About The Flash In 2020

by Jeff Testanero
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Flash fans rejoice! The much anticipated solo run for everyone’s favorite scarlet speedster has a release date…kinda.

After a few years in the making with multiple directors at the helm, some light has been shed on the big screen solo outing for Barry Allen.  John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who co-directed the comedy Game Night, explained when eager fans could see the film in theaters.

“If all goes well, sometime in 2020,” answered Daley after being asked when his next project will hit theaters.

While John Francis Daley didn’t expressly say that it was the solo Flash film, many expect The Flash to be the next project he is working on.

Warner Bros has already made the announcement that 2020 will house two films for DC Comics but nothing more was shared from the studio.  The first movie was announced for February 14th with many expecting that it the film will be a big screen version of Birds of Prey, which starts shooting early in 2019.  The second film is being eyed for June 5th, and after the Twitter comments from Daley, all signs point to The Flash as DC’s summer movie in 2020… “if all goes well” that is, according to Daley.

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