Review: Man of Steel #6 (FINAL ISSUE)

by Ari Bard
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Jason Fabok

Colors: Alex Sinclair

Letters: Josh Reed



Everything comes together in this final issue!  How will Superman stop Rogol Zaar? Where are Jon and Lois? Who is behind those fires? Will we, the audience, be okay?  I sure hope so!


This issue is a great conclusion to a great miniseries.  Jason Fabok and Alex Sinclair have been relatively constant during this miniseries, and in this issue, they are the stars of the show bringing it home in spectacular fashion.  This issue has emotional, close-up family drama, a gigantic fight scene, and a satisfying conclusion, and all of it is drawn exceptionally well, especially the last few scenes.

Bendis concludes his story masterfully by wrapping up the loose ends he needs to while leaving a few questions unanswered.  He wrote some of the best Jonathan Kent I have ever seen in this issue, and I could truly understand this kid who was just rejected by the Teen Titans, is scared of what he might become, and just wants to learn more about who he is.  Jor-El makes a very convincing argument, and Jonathan needs to learn more about himself.

This may scare some people who love the Superman family with all of their might, but I want to say how important it is that we put our faith in the creator.  Bendis has said how much he loves and respects the Superman family, and he has more than proven that in this miniseries.  I think that he just wants to take a crack at solo Supes for an arc or two, and I think he deserves to.  I have all the faith that Jonathan and Lois will come back better for it.

The final showdown is done masterfully between Rogol Zaar and Superman.  I think Rogol Zaar’s silent determination is one of his most frightening qualities and it really shows here.  In addition, I love the teamwork between Superman and Supergirl that’s been shown here.  We haven’t gotten a lot of that lately and Bendis has really shown their relationship in a way not many have.

Finally, I understand now the importance of someone like Fire Chief Moore.  Its a good payoff that leads me looking ahead to Action Comics #1001 and Superman #1.


I usually have a few things to point out, but here I am simply in awe.  Bendis has crafted a masterful end to a miniseries I am sure will evolve into a classic as we continue to read more of Bendis’ work with Superman.



I cannot be more proud to say that this is the first series/miniseries/run that I have reviewed from start to finish.  I did not immediately jump on board the Bendis bandwagon just because he started writing Superman, but boy he did not hesitate to win me over.  I was overjoyed when Superman was given a family as a new layer to his story, in fact, that is what convinced me to pick up Action Comics and Superman.  Now Bendis is adding new dynamics with Superman learning more about his Kryptonian heritage than he has in a long time, as well as a further look into his relationship with Kara.  I think this series is a start to the next evolution of Superman and I could not be more excited for what is in store.


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