Review: Shade, the Changing Woman #5

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Written by: Cecil Castellucci

Illustrated by: Marley Zarcone

Additional Inks by: Ande Parks

Colors by: Kelly Fitzpatrick



Loma Shade is finally beginning to feel the weight of human emotions and how those emotions can both raise us and drop us.  While Loma wanders in search of her heart, those closest to her feel the pangs as well.  Lepuck decides to escape his imprisonment at the hands of the DCHE.

Mrs. Deeps has managed to snow the military, and helps provide the invading Cray easy access to Earth.  Loma has found her way back to Rac and the two have a verbal altercation over ownership of the Madness Vest.  The Madness has created a rift in Rac’s plane of existence.   As Loma sees the invading Cray, she attempts to make a deal with Rac, his help for her world and her help for his.

Lepuck finds Loma’s heart and uses it to track down River.  This ends up not being the best idea.  Despite finding River who he knows is close with Loma, the both of them are imprisoned by the DCHE.  Meanwhile, some how, Wes figures out that Gan is Meghan and questions him/her about his/her motives.  When Loma and Rac attempt to hammer out the details of their cooperation, Loma decides she wants to see inside Rac’s private place…she only manages to do so by force, and what she finds appears to disturb her more than anything she’s experienced so far!



This series continues to explore the depth and meaning of human emotion through some fairy far out science fiction.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the importance of the human heart in this metaphor.  While Loma’s heart is physically missing in the story, the idea is the heartless actions by people at times.  Be it aliens or classmates, humans can lose their heart and lash out against anyone.

The ending is a shocking image that promises to expand upon the metaphor that’s been at work in this series.  It’s easy to feel the intensity ramping up for next month’s final issue.


This would probably be a hard issue for a new reader to follow in it’s entirety.  However, the main message isn’t lost.



Loma Shade will apparently have her showdown with Rac next month as the Cray are poised to invade Earth and destroy it.  The strength of the metaphor in this title continues to make this one of the most unique titles published by DC Comics.  While it may not be an easy issue to jump into the series, it’s well worth picking up the previous issues after giving this one a shot!


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