New Hawkman Series Unveils ‘Rebirth’ History

by Ari Bard
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Hawkman started his new adventure across time and space looking for answers from his past to help save the future in Hawkman #1 which came out last month.  Now, in Hawkman #2, writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch explain how Hawkman’s origins are changing in front of our eyes.

More and more secrets will be revealed with each issue, and Hawkman was not only Carter Hall on Earth, but also Katar Hol of Thanagar, Catar-Ol of Krypton, and Katarhul of Rann.  These answers and more will aid Hawkman in his mission to prevent an apocalyptic future that appeared in a vision in Hawkman #1.  

Venditti had more to say in an interview with NewsaRama, where he stated that some of the identities seen in Hawkman #1 will be explored almost immediately, while others may be put aside for other writers to draw upon later.  Venditti has clearly done his research and has a lot planned for the character saying,

“Every issue is a new location and a new discovery. And each propels him into a new location with another new discovery, just following this breadcrumb trail he left for himself across time to stop this threat before it destroys everything.”

Many may be curious about Hawkgirl’s involvement in this new series, and Venditti assures that, while she will surely play a big role in this story, it might be best for the two characters to remain separate for now to better grow as individuals.  Hawkman #2  goes on sale Wednesday, July 11th wherever comics are sold.

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