Review: Red Hood And The Outlaws #24

by Jeff Testanero
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers

Writer: Scott Lordell

Artist: Dexter Soy and Alisson Borges



The Outlaws are all back together and ready for action.  Red Hood finally gets the chance to avenge his father and “take out” Penguin for good as Bizzarro and Pup share special moments while Bizarro’s technology threatens to destroy the planet.



Another amazing edition of Red Hood and the Outlaws.  The beginning with cameos from the likes of Sinestro and Joker really draws the reader in from the beginning. Jason Todd allowed Bizarro, of all people, to create the teams technology and communications, so it’s no surprise that the technology itself has decided to go “rogue” to destroy Earth.

We finally get the showdown between Red Hood and Penguin that we’ve been waiting months for and the whole scene is nothing short of exciting and entertaining. The amazing scene where Red Hood takes off his mask, revealing himself as Jason Todd to Penguin, just adds to the deep nature of this story and is pure genius by Scott Lordell.  He really uses complex emotion in his storytelling this whole series, which speaks to the reader, so when Jason Todd takes off his Red Hood mask, proving that his campaign against Penguin isn’t just business but it is very, very personal proves that this story can only end one way.

The shock that Red Hood not only pulled his gun on Penguin but actually pulled the trigger, shooting Cobblepot point blank in the face, shows that Lordell is a fan of taking chances in his storytelling, which is very refreshing for comic book fans.  The ending when Lordell brings Batman into the mix, telling Alfred to let Nightwing and Red Robin know that he will bring in Jason Todd was the perfect arc into the next edition, leading to what will be a great face to face between Batman and Red Hood.


The Bizarro and Pup “feel good moments” in the middle of the story was unnecessary and, in my opinion, slows the whole story down.  Thank goodness Batman is there to bring it back up.



This was another great story by Scott Lordell in one of the most underrated books in the current DC library.  Let’s hope this book continues to be this strong in this arc and beyond.



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