First ‘Titans’ Trailer Officially Drops At SDCC

Warner Bros. and DC Comics just released the first trailer for Titans, the first exclusive TV series that will come to their DC Universe digital service later this year.

Right away, fans will notice a “TV-MA” warning on the trailer, which is equivalent to R-rated in film. The trailer features explicit language, adult themes, violence, and is not recommended for people under 18 years old. And that becomes apparent very quickly. The trailer is very dark and violent, and at one point Robin even yells out “F*ck Batman!”.

The trailer is very much centered on Raven and Robin, with Starfire and Beast Boy appearing a few times throughout.  And speaking of Starfire and Beast Boy, it’s nice to see some of the VFX for those two characters, which is something we haven’t see yet.  Hopefully this will silence the haters.

We also now have pricing information for DC Universe. Fans can pre-order now for $74.99 for an entire year (and they’ll throw in 3 extra months for free). At launch, you’ll be able to subscribe on a monthly basis for $7.99.

What do you think of Titans? Let me know in the comments below.