David Mazouz Reflects On The End Of ‘Gotham’ At SDCC And What’s To Come For Him

by Christian Ruiz
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David Mazouz opens up on his Gotham run.

Mazouz has played Bruce Wayne since episode one and has undoubtedly formed a bond with the character, a role that plunged him into mainstream popularity and infamy as one of the few to have the privilege. The star revealed he had  “a very rocky road” once rumors began to swirl that Gotham may not return for another season.  “I was mainly upset for the fans [because] we didn’t make it to Batman. This show has an endpoint, and we didn’t get to get there,” said Mazouz on what he thought when he heard such rumors.

There was, however, light at the end of the tunnel as was Mazouz was informed a fifth season was in the works and would allow writers to bring a fitting end to the Dark Knight’s trek. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Mazouz opened up about the final season and what he wants to do before the series closes forever.

Mazouz teased that the ending shots of season four will carry on to the next season.

Following some massive explosions Gotham is now secluded from the rest of the world, Mazouz teased the villains would be running the new order, and some characters you thought escaped Gotham’s fate may have stayed behind. It sounds a lot like the No Man’s Land story arc.

Going on, the actor explained how the storyline could perfectly set up the vigilante origin of the worlds greatest detective. In a world without law, Batman must take justice into his own hands and retake the reigns of his city or truly let it crumble around him.

With Batman running free it only makes sense some of his top rogue’s gallery would be running loose, teasing a big reveal Mazouz said a villain with a “J” will be making the rounds against Batman.

Very tight-lipped on what the final shots of the series will be or if we will see the iconic Batsuit dawn the small screen, Mazouz only offered a small phrase “Things are in Motion.”

Mazouz says he has seen four scripts so far that are “really incredible,” and filming begins for the final season this week.

Are you ready to see Gotham end? Would you have liked a more extended run for the show?

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