‘The Batman’ To Take Quest From Frank Miller’s ‘Year One’

by Christian Ruiz
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So much has swirled around the upcoming DCEU Batman solo film that we don’t know what’s up and what’s down!

More rumors have surfaced saying director Matt Reeves will base his film on Frank Millers famed “Year One” story arc. Loved by fans and critics alike, the story revolves around the very first quest the Caped Crusader embarks on to rid Gotham’s streets of scourge and villainy.

Before this script change, Reeves was set to be meeting with actor Jack Huston for the starring role of the film, however, a younger actor is now being considered for the role to fit the film’s change in the script.

While Huston may no longer be considered for the titular role, he may be in talks to play one of the film’s villains, Harvey Dent, who is said to appear alongside the movie’s main villain, the Penguin.

Much of what is being reported is still unconfirmed but lines up with the Birds of Prey film also being produced.

Do you believe the rumors swirling over The Batman? Would you like multiple villains to appear? Does Jack Huston fit the double-faced terror of Two-Face?

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