Tom Cavanagh Teases New Character In Season 5 Of The Flash

by Brad Filicky
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Tom Cavangh is a fan favorite actor in The Flash. he has proven his versatility by being able to play so many versions of Dr. Harrison Wells, first as the founder of S.T.A.R. Labs , then as Eobard Thawne (a.k.a. The Reverse Flash), who had murdered Wells and assumed his identity using future technology. Season 2 introduced the concept of a multiverse to The Flash, and with it came Harrison “Harry” Wells, the sterner, less sociable Wells of Earth 2. The third season introduced several more Wells from around reality, with the Wells of Earth 19 – science-fiction erotica writer H.R. Wells – taking Harry’s position on Team Flash. Since then, the show has introduced a Council of Wells and a rival Council of Harrisons, with many more versions of Harrison Wells being introduced to the show. Fans wondering what to expect from season 5 were given a little hint when Cavanagh sat down with EW. He had this to say:

“I’m just doing my darnedest to get this show cancelled, one guy after one guy after one guy and somehow I haven’t quite struck that note yet, but maybe this year. This guy will be filled with intrigue and deceit, fun, humor (and) intensity.”

Cryptic? Yes, but also full of possibility! Flash returns October 9.

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