Justice League Crosses Over With De Sousa’s Monica’s Gang

by Christian Ruiz
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The Justice League is taking on a new mission in joining Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa’s Monica’s Gang.

The crossover is one of many DC is currently working on, and it has many excited.

“For almost 60 years, my comics have entertained many generations of Brazilian readers. Now, all of them, just like me, will enjoy this very special moment: the crossover of Monica and her friends with DC Comics superheroes,” said de Sousa.

In this crossover, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and others meet de Sousa’s Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge, and more in the December and January editions of de Sousa’s Portuguese-language magazines MônicaCebolinhaCascãoMagaliChico Bento and Turma da Mônic

DC lending out its premier team for a new audience in a different language is not only a new way to introduce fans to the DC universe but shows great faith in the companies direction.

What other crossovers would you like to see?

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