Supergirl Season 4 Has Updates

by Brad Filicky
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Summer is almost over and with its exit comes the return of some of our favorite TV shows. The cast of Supergirl sat down with Newsarama during last month’s SDCC and had these hints to give about season 4!

“The world killer story took us out of Cat-Co in a big way, but one of the themes we are talking about this season is, what is stronger hope or fear? There’s a new rise in anti-alien sentiment that our villain is promoting this season. One of the journeys Kara will have is that this is a struggle for her because she represents what the country is becoming afraid of and one thing she finds is realizing the power of the press, speaking out on social issues. This is the season that Kara becomes as much of a superhero as Supergirl,” said executive producer Robert Rovner.

Melissa Benoist talked about this year’s villain as well, saying, “In the way the Red Son explored the differences between two doppelganger Supermen that were raised in two very different areas of the world with different cultures, different ideals, I think that’s what we are going to explore here with the difference of nature vs. nurture and how people with such extraordinary abilities, how differently they will use them if they were from different places. I think it’s going to be a really slow burn, but I am excited to see where it goes.”

Benoist also spoke about her relationship with Lena, “That’s such a complicated relationship that I am excited to see how it fleshes out because in a lot of ways, and in a lot of sad ways in essence mirrors Lex Luthor and Clark Kent’s relationship. That’s such an important part of the mythology and lore of the Superman comics that it wouldn’t be Supergirl without that.”

In contrast, Katie McGrath said of her character Lena Luthor, “No one is good or bad. Lena is human. Lena is human in a world filled with heroes. She looks at Martian Mahunter and Supergirl, and she’s like ‘They’re all good, I am not that.’ It gives her license to not be perfect because if you are Supergirl you have to be perfect, where Lena doesn’t have to do that. So I want to see her be human because she doesn’t have to be anything else.”

During the SDCC panel, it was announced that Nicole Maines will be playing the first transgender superhero on television. Executive producer Jessica Queller said, “We did a worldwide search for trans actors and it took us a long, long time, and we hit the jackpot with Nicole Maines. She’s an incredible actress. She’s a real life hero. She’s a trans-activist. She has been since she’s been fourteen years old. She’s been honored by GLAAD. She’s just an extraordinary person. We are over the moon that we found her, and the character of Mia Nal is the Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother of the Legion character from DC, Nura Nal, who was Dream Girl. So Mia Nal is going to be Dreamer, and her super power is that she dreams the future. She’s also going to be a cub reporter at Cat-Co, and that’s how she’s introduced. She worked as an intern with Cat Grant at the White House. So Cat sends her to Kara to mentor.”

On the topic of love interests, , , who plays Brainiac 5 and has been promoted to a series regular, said, “I personally don’t think Supergirl really needs another love interest right now. She’s Supergirl, she doesn’t need a boyfriend. Brainiac 5 doesn’t solely exist to be a love interest for Supergirl or he doesn’t exist to be a replacement for Mon-El or a straight up replacement for Winn. That’s not what he’s about. He’s his own character and his own man. It’s not really something we are pushing right off the bat. He’s just there trying to help out in any way he can.”

Rath also teased a bit more on the Legion of Super-Heroes, saying, “There is that Legion of Super-Heroes ring in the Fortress of Solitude, and on my hand [Rath wearing a prop of the Legion Ring from the show]. If you notice my ring is a black plated Legion Ring, and the ring in the Fortress of Solitude is a gold plated Legion Ring. So there is something there I think.”

On the topic of this year’s anticipated crossover event with Batwoman being introduced to the Arrowverse, Benoist said, “Supergirl has always had little sides through the seasons of how she thinks vigilantes are nuts and she always makes funny sides about Batman. So I think she will feel the same way about Batwoman. In the same way she had problems with Guardian, she always gets worried when humans are fighting crime the way she does because she doesn’t want them to get hurt. I have no idea how she will react, but that’s my gut reaction.”

Supergirl returns Oct. 14. to the CW.

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