America’s Got Talent Contestant Troy James To Appear In The Flash Show

by Joseph Marcas
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Performer/Actor Troy James has just been cast as a super villain that will appear in the upcoming 5th season of The Flash. He will be playing the role of Peter Merkel otherwise known to comic readers as Rag Doll.

James will be playing the first iteration of the character as opposed to other versions that have appeared in comics since the character was created. Rag Doll is expected to appear in a limited capacity considering the “big bad” for this upcoming season will be Chris Kline’s portrayal of the supervillain Cicada.

If you are not familiar with Rag Doll, he can best be described as “a carnival contortionist who is born with triple-jointedness”. These powers were used by Rag Doll to commit crimes such as bank robberies and the like.

As for Troy James, you may recognize him from other projects such as The Strain, Channel Zero, and Shadowhunters. His most recent public appearance is the aforementioned America’s Got Talent.

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