Dan Jurgens recently took over the writing chores on Green Lanterns, the Green Lantern title that features Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

With Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps now over, the most recent arc of Green Lanterns now has many of the other Lanterns have appearing in the title, including Guy Gardner. Like Robert Venditti who wrote Hal and the Green Lantern Corps, Dan Jurgens has now voiced his love of writing Guy Gardner.

I can’t understand why Guy Gardner doesn’t have a series. He should have some kind of a series, he’s a great, fun character.

Guy Gardner headlining his own solo book would not be unthinkable. In the 90’s Guy had his own series that ran almost fifty issues. At the time Guy wasn’t a Green Lantern and commanded a yellow ring then later discovered his alien DNA that turned him into Guy Gardner: Warrior.  When Geoff Johns returned the Green Lantern mythos to its roots with Green Lantern: Rebirth, Guy Gardner once again became a Green Lantern.

Along with returning Guy to the Corps, Johns also brought back Guy’s well-known hot-temper. Jurgens approach follows Johns lead:

I actually think I turned the clock back just a bit on Guy. I think recently he has been a little more reasonable, and I tried to kind of bring back a little bit of that impulsive hot-headedness that I think – along with the arrogance – makes Guy an interesting character.

Green Lanterns #54 hits stores September 5, 2018.


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