Shane West Set For Key Role In Gotham’s Final Season

by Shaina Lucas
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In the final days of Gotham, the show has been adding more and more characters to flush out. You wouldn’t think adding new characters in a series finale would be a good idea, but it may set some things up for the Dark Knight that we know and love in the future. Nikita alum Shane West has been tapped to play a recurring villain role on the final season. West will play Eduardo Dorrance, an old Army buddy of Jim Gordon. Dorrance lost touch with Jim after the war and he returns to Gotham years later, leading a team of elite soldiers with their task of helping Gordon restore order to No Man’s Land. Check out that reference!

As Gordon comes out of his blind haze for his old friend, he realizes Dorrance’s true intentions are darker and more evil than he was led to believe. There is no further information but Eduardo is believed to be related to the well-known villain Sir Edmund Dorrance, aka King Snake, and the father of Bane. It might be possible that Eduardo is Bane himself. All we know is, Gotham is trying to go out with a bang.

West recently starred on Nikita and co-starred on ER. He was most recently seen on WGN’s America’s drama series Salem. His credits also include The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and A Walk to Remember. We can’t wait to see how this pans out!

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