Rumor: Brainiac Said To Be Main Villain in ‘Supergirl’ Film

by Jeff Testanero
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Brainiac is coming….possibly.

Rumors are nothing new inside the DCEU and this past week hasn’t been any different.  This week started with rumors that Henry Cavill was going to be replaced as Superman until he “broke” the internet and debunked those rumors.  Then news came down that Warner Bros was moving ahead with Supergirl movie.  Now rumors are going around about the villain for the film; rumors that Brainiac is coming to the DCEU as the main villain in Supergirl.

Warner Bros hired Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street) to write the script as they looked to recreate the circumstances that led to the success of Wonder Woman even looking for a female director for the project.  The plan has reportedly been set to take place in the 1970s as a “period piece.”

It seems kind of weird that Warner Bros. would throw such a major name like Brainiac at Supergirl for her first solo film since Brainiac is such a major player in the Superman mythos but if you know the story of Supergirl, then this doesn’t come as a surprise.  Henry Cavill has stated he would like Superman to face Brainiac in a Man of Steel sequel but who knows…villains have been known to show up in multiple films from time to time.

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