Writer Marc Andreyko Talks Supergirl’s Space Journey

by Kevin Sharp
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Writer Marc Andreyko and artist Kevin Maguire are sending Supergirl across the universe, beginning in issue #22. The driving force behind this storyline will be her pursuit of the truth about Rogol Zaar and his connection to the death of Kara’s loved ones and the entire home planet.

Marc Andreyko Supergirl dc comics news

Andreyko spoke with Newsarama about his plans for the storyline and the series overall.

On the question of why this particular journey for Kara:

“The whole impetus for me going after the gig for writing Supergirl was finding the kernel of what about her is integral to who she is but has not really been fully embraced and explored… It’s a way for her to excise her own demons and come to a place where she doesn’t feel guilty about surviving and she realizes that she is good. And by living her life, she’s not betraying Krypton by moving on. All those very human emotions are behind this big, fun, colorful space adventure.”

Marc Andreyko Supergirl

On the inclusion of Krypto as Kara’s traveling companion:

“Well, I’m a dog owner. I’m a dog lover. My dog is family. And Clark says he knows why she has to go, but he can’t. Earth is his home. He has obligations here. But he doesn’t want her to go by herself. It’ll make him feel better if someone’s with her… And Krypto — working with Kevin Maguire on this, you know, he’s probably the best facial expression guy in comics. And in issue #22, he does it with animals. Krypto is more than just a pet or comic relief. He’s part of this. And it’s so much fun to have him be part of the book.”

Marc Andreyko Supergirl dc comics news

On Rogol Zaar’s motivations and ties to the mysterious organization “The Circle”:

“We’re taking the seeds and the hints Brian laid throughout Man of Steel and exploring them to their conclusion. Sometimes people with the best motives are involved in things that end poorly… Sometimes you don’t have to be evil to be complicit in evil things. And that’s really interesting.”

Andreyko summed up his overall approach this way:

“I’m standing on the shoulders of everyone who worked on Supergirl before. As a writer and a fan, I like taking everything that worked in previous incarnations and helping that shape the version of the character that I feel is the fully realized version of all the great stuff that has gone before… I want to make Supergirl the power player in the DC Universe that she deserves to be, and not just because of her family members, but because she’s a smart, vibrant, exciting, good person.”

You can read Andreyko’s entire interview HERE.

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