“Gotham” Season 5 Casting Notice Describes New Villain: Magpie!

by Jay
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The fifth and final season of Fox’s Gotham – albeit an abysmally short season of 10 episodes – intends on pulling out all the stops, and that does not stop at the development of the future Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery. To that end, casting directors have released a description for the character Magpie.

A source describes Magpie as “[being] dressed in black with a quirky attitude, [and] is insanely in love with shiny objects.” As to who is close to nabbing that role, there is no confirmation.

In DC Comics, Magpie was introduced as a villain in the limited John Byrne series Man of Steel that brought Batman and Superman together in their first team-up. She began life as Margaret Pye, a museum curator who had fallen in love with shiny objects during childhood. The fixation developed into a psychosis, and she assumed an alternate identity as a thief until being apprehended. She also appeared as one of the main antagonists in the short-lived CGI Cartoon Network series Beware The Batman!, albeit the DID result of a clandestine human experiment.

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