Netflix To Distribute Titans Overseas Announced In New Trailer

by Christian Ruiz
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Netflix continues its reign as the streaming king and will be showcasing the new DC show Titans exclusive to the DC Universe streaming service. Fans outside the US have no doubt discovered that the service is only available to those residing in the US.

International fans were concerned about not being able to see the new shows coming exclusively to the service and that they would be left out but Netflix has acquired the rights to the shows and will air episodes on their international broadcast streaming services. The partnership will no doubt infuse a huge capital boost to the brand new streaming service and create a lasting partnership until DC can offer the service internationally.

A new trailer for Titans was released to  break the news and classify the show as a Netflix original, check out the new trailer in the link below.

Awesome new ‘Titans’ trailer confirms Netflix debut for international fans

Titans will be at the forefront of a new wave of streaming shows in the DC Universe, while we know very little of the series it has taken many steps to get where it is now, starting as a TNT show for a younger fan base, the show has a lot riding on the success or failure of the entire streaming service.

Are you excited for Titans? Do you think DC is making a good move with this International deal? Will you tune in?


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