Geoff Johns Gives Details On Shazam and Three Jokers Books

by Brad Filicky
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At Geoff John’s Spotlight panel at NYCC the writer and film/tv developer gave some details on some comic projects he has coming up! First he talked about his Shazam series. It will continue in the lighter tone of his 2011 series.  According to Johns it focuses on “exploring a new corner of the magic universe that no one’s seen before.” “Magic is often presented as being dark,” he said. “There’s a lighter side to magic”. Magic in the DC Universe usually means Zatanna, and that’s the case with Shazam! Zatanna and Mr. Mind will be featured in the series. And his powers? They are explored too. “Shazam’s powers are kind of a rolodex — even he doesn’t know what he can do,” Johns explained. The series will go into way more into how magic powers him and his capabilities. Check out artwork of issue 1 below!


Shazam! #1 will be released November 21, 2018.


Next up Johns discussed his upcoming Batman DC Black Label series Three Jokers. The story will feature Batman, Batgirl and Jason Todd. The three people Joker “hurt the most You’re going to learn about the characters and see things unfold about each of them that will change your perception on who they are and what they think of each other.” Johns excitedly explained, “You’re going to get to know Jason in a deeper way than you have in the past. Our goal is to explore these characters emotionally.”

Artist Jason Fabok also appeared on the panel and explained that his main inspirations for the series are Alan Moore’s Killing Joke (especially in tone) and Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film. Check out the cover of issue 1 below!

Three Jokers does not have a release date yet, but they are hoping for a Winter release

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