NYCC2018: ‘Gotham’ Season Five Teaser Debuts!

by Kevin Sharp
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Gotham won’t return to Fox until sometime in 2019, but fans at NYCC got a sneak peek at the upcoming final season, with the show’s version of the “No Man’s Land” story.

In a sizzle reel that includes some new footage from the upcoming season, we get a glimpse of Gotham’s status quo after all the bridges leading in and out were blown up. The city has been divided into territories run by various villains: Poison Ivy rules Central Park, the Penguin controls City Hall, and Gotham Public Library is the Riddler’s domain. An isolated “green zone” in the center of Gotham is held by Jim Gordon and the GCPD.

The arc will also feature a new character played by Shane West, who has now been confirmed as Bane.

Watch “The Innocent & the Wicked” teaser trailer on Gotham’s Youtube channel HERE.



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