‘The Batman Who Laughs’ Leers in Funko Pop!

by Jay
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The most terrifying antagonist to emerge from Dark Nights: Metal makes his sinister debut in the last place you’d ever find him: Funko.

The Batman Who Laughs, for those who have not read the Dark Nights: Metal miniseries, is an alternate version of Batman who fell prey to the Joker’s virus upon finally giving in and killing the clown. His body and mind twisted, he then decimated the Justice League and massacred his entire family. Among the other alternate Dark Nights, he stood out as the most malevolent and most dangerous of Barbatos’s minions. Surviving the event, this twisted version of Bruce Wayne survived the miniseries and has appeared in the pages of the relaunched Justice League regular series as of late.

Debuting on shelves January 2019, this exclusive Previews Batman Who Laughs Funko Pop!, standing at 4” tall with a window display at a retail price of $11.99 US.

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