WB Wishes Ryan Reynolds a Happy Birthday

by Cameron Tevis
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Ryan Reynolds recently celebrated a birthday and Warner Bros. was sure to pass on a birthday message.

Before Reynolds was the popular Merc-With-a-Mouth, Deadpool, he took on the role of DC’s Emerald Warrior, Green Lantern. Unfortunately for Reynolds, Green Lantern fans and DC comics fans, the movie was a mess, like most WB DC films. (Perhaps they should be looking at the common denominators such as their executive decisions rather than blaming the creatives of each individual film.)

The film came across like a TV movie yet still had a $200 million budget due to the overuse of CGI. The story was criticized for being silly and it was believed they brought in Parallax entirely too soon. Needless to say the movie was a flop and only brought in $219.8 million worldwide.

Despite its failure, Ryan Reynolds went on to become Deadpool which became a mega success that has already spawned one sequel. In both films, Reynolds took the time to make humorous stabs at the Green Lantern film.

Whether or not there is bad blood between Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds remains to be seen. But the official WB Home Entertainment Twitter page still took the time to wish Reynolds a happy birthday.

Green Lantern Birthday - DC Comics News

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