James Tynion IV Talks About Justice League Crossover Drowned Earth

by Joseph Marcas
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Drowned Earth, a crossover that includes both the Justice League and Aquaman books, is well underway with the potential to have significant changes. Some of the changes that Aquaman will experience in this storyline will affect the title when the new creative team takes over.

Newsarama recently had an interview with Tynion where he discussed some of things that will be addressed during the Drowned Earth storyline. One of those things is Aquaman’s infamous ability to talk to fish, to which Tynion had this to say:

We are going to learn in this storyline that this power, this ability that he’s had since childhood, is something that ties him to this larger cosmic narrative, that there is something special and unique in the oceans of Earth, that there is this “power of life,” and life as a kind of connecting force.

It’s also the nature of the ocean itself. It’s the idea that all life is born in the ocean, all life is connected in those roots in the ocean. And through those connections, he has the ability to tap into the life force of different beings around him.

One of the other things that was discussed during the interview is the emergence of new forces in the DC universe such as the invisible light spectrum and the still force. Tynion had this to say about that:

One thing that we’ve seen in each of the forces that we’ve been playing with is that they’re kind of opposites. So, like, the Still Force is kind of the opposite of the Speed Force. And then we saw with the Ultraviolet Lantern, the Invisible Light Spectrum is the opposite of the visible Emotional Spectrum.

So if we have this Life Force that’s channeling through Aquaman and all of that, the Tear of Extinction might be the thing tied to the polar opposite of that, the real antithesis of connection, of life. It’s tied to a kind of cosmic death force. It’s going to be pretty scary as the power behind that starts really getting into this story.

For the full interview, click here.

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