Vixen Returns to “Legends”…Or Does She?

Maisie Richardson-Sellers’s character Amaya aka Vixen departed the Waverider of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow last year to start her family line that would culminate into the modern-day Mari introduced in her animated spinoff on CW Seed. That being said, and her heartbreaking goodbye to Nate, fans had thought they’d seen the last of her.

Until now.

Richardson-Sellers returns to Legends in this week’s episode entitled “Dancing Queen,” but not as Amaya. Rather, she is reappearing in the 1970s as a character called Charlie.

Everything Amaya is,” Maisie explains, “Charlie is the opposite, so they would never get along. She’s snarky, she’s cheesy, she’s a bit of a rebel, she’s a massive troublemaker, and she’s just out for herself. She doesn’t care about any collective or greater good, so she really shakes up the energy on the ship, so everyone’s a bit confused by her.”

Catch the first look and follow Charlie on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Dancing Queen”, out now.


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