[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Meera Menon

Writers: Bryan Edward Hill and Gabrielle Stanton

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft, Anna Diop and Ryan Potter



The team is finally together, and Dick Grayson takes them to a shady hotel to hide out. Grayson knows to defeat the Nuclear Family and anyone else trying to find Rachel, that they need to work together as a team. In order to do that, he needs to know what each of them is capable of doing.

He has them each show off their abilities. Kory and Gar impress him, but Rachel is reluctant to let loose. She is worried she might hurt or even kill them. Grayson reassures her that she can control her powers. Rachel goes for it and almost loses control, but Kory helps her regain her hold over her powers.

They all then want to see what Grayson can do, but he refuses to show them.

In an attempt to learn his secrets, Kory visits Grayson in his hotel room. But soon they are all attacked by the Nuclear Family. Grayson is knocked away from the team. But as the Nuclear Family gains the advantage over the rest of the team, suddenly Grayson returns as Robin and shows them what he is truly capable of.

Afterwards, Grayson takes the offensive on the man who led the Nuclear family to them. But to Grayson’s surprise, he meets an unexpected ally.

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This episode is the first episode where we see the team together. We finally get to see the team dynamic as well as the individual dynamics. Rachel and Gar seem to have some chemistry, while Kory and Grayson may seem to butt heads, but obviously have a lost of sexual tension.

The best part of the episode is Robin. Not only does he prove himself to be a skilled combatant, but he also proves he has the leadership skills to lead them to success.

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I have to be nit picky to find a negative about this episode. But I do feel they missed an opportunity in the dialogue. The team asks Grayson to show them his moves. When Grayson has Kory in his hotel room, he could’ve easily said something like “I’ll show you my moves” before he kisses her. It would’ve not only been a funny moment for the audience, but it is something Grayson might actually say as a distraction to make her forget the goal of going to his room.

Also, once the team saw that Grayson was Robin, I felt they could’ve come back to that request for him to show them his moves as well. They could’ve commented that he is more than qualified to be on the team.

But again, this is personal preference and not necessarily anything wrong with the episode.

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This series keeps getting better and better. Robin proving himself to the team really was an amazing thing to see realized on television in live action.  The ending with the appearance of the new Robin really took the episode over the top making me excited to see the next episode.

As much as I want to binge the show, the weekly format has really made me excited to see a new episode each week and I feel particularly excited for next week’s episode.


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