Vertigo’s “Survivors’ Club” Ordered on The CW

by Ari Bard
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DC/Vertigo’s Survivors’ Club is in development for a TV series for the CW according to Deadline.  Jared Frieder, is writing and producing the show along with Warner Bros. Television, and they will be at least partially adapting the classic comic series from writers Lauren Beukes and Dale Halverson, and artist Ryan Kelly.

This will be the third Vertigo comic that the CW has adapted along with Lucifer and iZombie.  Check out the description below!

“The haunted house, the demonic doll, the cursed video game, the monstrous neighbor, the vengeful ghost, the killer imaginary friend…in 1987 a wave of horrors struck six communities around the globe. Six traumatized kids survived those events, and grew up haunted by what happened to them,” reads Vertigo’s description of the comic book title. “Almost 30 years later, the six survivors are drawn together in Los Angeles to confront a terrifying childhood nightmare that has returned, bringing up their own traumas and dragging their dark secrets into the light. Somehow, they’re all connected. But when personal horrors collide, they’ll be forced to confront one another’s demons.”

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